IT and Computer Services

ALW Technologies, LLC provides IT and computer services for home and business.



  • Computer Networking & Servers

  • Internet & Network Security

  • Wireless Networking (Wi-Fi)

  • Off-Site Disaster Recovery & Backups

  • Cabling

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Computer Networking & Servers

As a business, you have the need to protect vital confidential data on your computer systems.  A server system can provide a safe environment to maintain your business processes.

ALW Technologies, LLC is your preferred local business computer networking solutions provider who can customize, build a complete server network configured to meet your specific needs and provide the needed security to keep your data safe.

ALW also provides the ongoing support to maintain your computer equipment and  software.

IT and Computer Services



Internet & Network Security

We understand the critical operations that keep your business running and how important your data is to those operations.

ALW Technologies, LLC provides Internet & Network Security to protect your data from intruders.


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Wireless Networking (Wi-Fi)

You need access to your software programs and data no matter what device you are using from any location at your business.

Wireless Networking or Wi-Fi can give you that capability.

ALW Technologies, LLC. can provide the equipment and configurations to set up your wireless network that enables you and your staff access, but protects you from outsiders.

Off-Site Disaster Recovery & Backups

What would happen if you lost your IT network, software or data today that you use on a daily basis to operate your business?

For most companies, this would be a disaster.

It is important to have an IT Solutions Provider that understands critical processes to protect your data from any type of loss.

ALW Technologies, LLC can work with you to develop a plan to insure that your data is totally protected.

Off-Site Data Storage and Regular Data Backups can give you the piece of mind against important data loss.

ALW Technologies LLC Pell City Alabama providing Computer Offsite Disaster Recovery & Backup Solutions | 205.965.7990
ALW Technologies LLC Pell City Alabama providing low voltage cabling for network server room with computers for digital tv ip communications and internet



Some instances of setting up your computer networking & servers require hard cabling.

ALW Technologies, LLC is equipped to handle low voltage cabling and wiring, if necessary, to complete your network configuration.

Contact ALW Technologies, LLC today at 205.730.5110 to discuss your computer and network needs.